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MiniQwiz supplies regular quizzes right here, for your free consumption.

The quizzes are topical and varied. They are suitable for a wide audience and are benchmarked so you can see just how you perform. Compare your score to others, then challenge and compare your results with your friends.

MiniQwiz questions come from a wide range of quiz content that we routinely supply to venues.

The averages for each question are derived from various pubs, clubs and other venues, and from a large range of quiz players. Question averages are aggregated to provide the benchmark score for each MiniQwiz.

Because they are derived from team averages we can indicate an expected score for an individual player based on our unique mathematical assessment of the results data. 


If you like MiniQwiz, you’ll enjoy stepping up to Qwizard – our app-based product for regular events at pubs or for one-off quiz events. 

Qwizard’s unique format delivers live on-screen results and on-line results after each quiz. 

Check out all of our regular Qwizard venues at our website, www.qwizard.net. Or ask about our one-off quizzes with content tailored to the audience. 

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