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Pub quiz teams averaged 7.6 out of 10. Think you know science? Try to do better...

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A wide range of trivia to challenge movie lovers. Pub quiz teams averaged 7.3 - so go for 8 out of 10...
It's big in sports names, and big in difficulty. Challenge yourself against an average score of 5.9...
From Shakespeare to Tolkien, old to new. Average difficulty. Pub quiz teams scored 6.4 out of 10.
Characters from movies to music, tv to text. Pub quiz teams averaged 7.3 out of 10.
A couple of tough ones, but most you will find easy. Average score was 6.8 out of 10.
A familiar subject for all. All things fashion. Pub quiz teams scored 7.4 out of 10. Try your luck...
Animal-lovers step up. A varied test on all your favourite creatures. Pub quiz teams averaged 6.8 out of 10.
All topics covered in this one. It'll take you back! Qwizard teams averaged 6.3 out of 10...
Lots of music memories, from around the globe but with a NZ twist. Pub quiz teams averaged 6.2...
Refresh yourself with this general science qwiz. Pub teams averaged 6.5. Your individual target should be 6...
Know your oceans from your rivers? Challenge yourself with this geography qwiz. Pub quiz teams scored 6.9 out of 10.

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